Golden shaped penis gate branded the ejacugate leaves people in stitches

In our day to day lives we sometimes see shapes in where we least expect them, like an animal shaped cloud or in this case a penis shaped gate.

Garden gates are not usually the reason for arousal, but this one Reddit user has perhaps found the perfect gate for the job.

Having spotted the big todger, the original poster attached a snap of the phallic looking gate which has now been branded as the “ejacugate.”

Golden gates are usually associated with the purity of heaven, however this one is bound to bring out the naughty side of some.

Taking to the online forum, the Reddit user titled the post: “Nice design choice.”

Attached to the post is the shaft in question that is firmly sat in its golden glory in the middle of a black gate.

The lengthy pecker even has a pair of spiral shaped head and balls that looks like some fancy semen.

To add to the erotic nature of the metal pattern, a pair of golden spheres are attached in the middle of the shaft that would equate to a very painful piercing in real life.

Having caused some giggles, people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the rather naughty design.

One person commented: “Pierced halfway down the shaft and all.”

Another social media user added: “Ejacugate.”

Whilst a third noted: “I wish my splooge came out all fancy like that.”

Someone else said: “Those tie wraps make for a nice makeshift c***ring too.”

We wonder what the neighbours must think!

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