Google Photos on your smartphone is changing and here’s everything new

Google Photos is easily one of the best products in the US tech firm’s software arsenal. Not only does it offer unlimited high-quality storage for all your precious memories, but it also allows you to take them from one device to another with ease because everything is stored in the cloud.

It’s no surprise Google Photos is incredibly popular – the app has over 1 billion installs on Android alone. The client is incredibly intuitive, allowing users to quickly scroll through their photo album as well as search for particular people, places, or items.

However, it seems the tech giant is hard at work on a redesigned version of the Google Photos app that trims a lot of the fat from the current version.

First spotted by Android Police, it seems Google is rolling out a new edition of Google Photos that ditches the search bar from the top of the app as well as the hamburger menu on the left-hand side. It also adds a few new tabs at the bottom.

The outlet showcased the old and new versions of Google Photos side by side. It seems the latter will introduce a new “library” tab that’ll be used for trawling through all your images. Additionally, there’s also a new “search” tab at the bottom that, as the name suggests, will summon a search bar that can be used to find specific memories.

A number of features that were previously only accessible in the hamburger menu on the old version of Google Photos now live in the new “Library” section – these include device folders, archives and utilities.

All in all, the new Google Photos doesn’t overhaul its established design. Still, this remains easily one of the most dramatic aesthetic changes to the app in years, simply because the American firm hasn’t tinkered around with it too much.

Android Police noted the new version of Google Photos appears to be rolling out to users rather slowly, simply because none of its devices were able to take advantage of the update. can also confirm our Android devices were unable to attain the newest version of Google Photos.

Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available to everyone. In the meantime, why don’t you read about a recent Google Photos feature that allows you to apply portrait blur to old photos, even if they weren’t taken on a phone capable of applying gorgeous bokeh.

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