Holby City star helps injured man using medical knowledge learnt on show

Holby City may have come to an end, but Jac Naylor actress Rosie Marcel is still making use of what she learnt from 16 years on the BBC show.

Taking to Instagram, Rosie shared how she stopped to help a stranger following an incident that left him ‘covered in blood’, having suffered injuries to his ‘face, head and arms’.

Expressing her concern that nobody had stopped for the injured man, she explained how she stepped in, using her ‘medical knowledge’ from playing a surgeon to get the man the help he needed.


‘I flagged another car down to call the police and ambulance while I got my first aid kit from the boot and started applying pressure.’ The actress wrote in the caption of her post.

Aware that she may face criticism for not being a ‘real doctor’, Rosie explained that the reason behind her post was that she felt it was her obligation to stop.

‘There are too many of us who turn a blind eye to pain and mistreatment. I will always stop. I’d want someone to do it for me.’

According to Rosie, the injured man is said to be ‘doing well’ following intervention from police and paramedics.

Holby City’s final ever episode aired in March this year.

Jac’s final scenes saw her die after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. After months of searching for a cure and a surgeon who would operate on her, Jac’s search came to a sad end.

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