I cheated on my wife with a beautiful masseuse who offered me a ‘happy ending’ – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I CHEATED on my wife with a “happy ending” during a spa massage session I had thought was legitimate.

I work in a factory and was moving a packing box when I felt a spasm in my back. My mate realised I was in agony and passed me a business card.

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It was for a massage place not far from work and he said: “The girls are really good. They’ll sort you out.”

I made an appointment for my lunch hour. The place looked quite classy and a pretty girl on reception showed me through to a room with a massage table.

She told me to take my clothes off, lie front down with my face through the hole on the massage bed and pull a towel over my backside.

I couldn’t properly see the woman who came into the room, but I showed her where I was in pain and she worked quickly with warm oil to ease my back. It immediately felt better.

She then started to massage my legs and her hand went up under the towel — before she asked me to turn over on to my back.

I could see she was a beautiful Thai girl of about 20. I must admit I felt quite turned on.

She started massaging my chest and legs — then she asked if I’d like a “happy ending”.

I’m a bit naive and didn’t know what she meant but she explained and I found myself saying, “Yes”.

It was great and I walked out feeling 10ft tall.

My work colleagues all cheered when I walked back on to the factory floor. I must have gone red with embarrassment.

The thing is, I have a beautiful wife who’s 42. She’s very shy and our sex life isn’t the best. I’m 45.

My back is almost better but I’m tempted to return to the massage parlour. If I go, though, I may end up cheating on my wife again.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Why risk jeopardising your marriage and sexual health for a few minutes of sexual relief with a sex worker – because that is what this masseuse is. Cheating isn’t for you. You’re a happily married man who got into a situation way out of your comfort zone.

Supposing one of your workmates tells his wife, who tells . . . If it’s not too late, don’t admit to colleagues this was anything other than a professional massage.

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