I quit retail job to lounge around in lingerie – now I make triple the money

Most 20-somethings are working up the career ladder, stuck on low paid entry jobs.

But not for 25-year-old Nova Jewels.

Cam girl and OnlyFans model, Nova has thanked her saucy lifestyle for giving her the life she had always wanted.

After dabbling in retail jobs and training to become a make-up artist, the model never felt quite ‘satisfied.’

It wasn't until she lost her job as a wedding coordinator that Nova decided to set-up an OnlyFans page and become a cam girl.

After entering the sex industry a little over a year ago, she has now tripled her salary earning a whopping £30,000 thanks to her sensual snaps and naughty video chats with men.

Nova has now spoken exclusively to the Daily Star about her journey on becoming a cam girl and OnlyFans model.

She said: "I studied beauty therapy at college, went to Glasgow for a while to study makeup artistry and then joined the retail industry while I was studying events.

“Throughout all of this, I never felt satisfied.

“I was buying lingerie in my spare time and taking pictures wishing I could show them off to the world…

“By the time I turned 22 my confidence was through the roof and I knew that I had mastered the art of seduction, the sex industry was calling my name.”

Nova hasn’t looked back to more traditional forms of work since her OnlyFans career took off.

She said: “I love the freedom to be able to work where and when I want.

“I now have a job where as long as I have my laptop or phone with me I can literally work from anywhere in the world.

“I don’t have anyone to answer to, I choose my own hours and it still blows my mind that what I used to earn in a whole week as a wedding coordinator I can now make in one day as cam girl. Not even a day.”

“Literally in a few hours at times.”

However, Nova thinks that some people do not understand the full picture of what a cam girl has to do.

“People don’t seem to believe that being a cam girl is absolutely not all about being sexual and getting naked. 80% of my time is just talking and I have regulars who come on to have a quick chat before work.

“I have my other regulars who arrange breakfast dates over cam with me first thing in the morning. People wouldn’t believe it.

“My caller paid me 650 credits once which works out at approximately £403 to spend just under two hours with me on cam.”

Now that is an easy day at work!

Nova explained: “We lay in bed and chatted. I put my lingerie and dressing gown on and took my laptop to the kitchen while he watched me make breakfast. He was doing the same.

“We then sat down to eat and had our coffee while talking about our sex lives and our plans for the future.

“I then took the laptop to the bathroom and had a shower while continuing to chat to him.

“After about 1 hour 45 minutes he then had to leave for work so hung up the call and that was me done for the day.

“If you’ve got the gift of the gab and the flirtatious eyes like I do, this job is a doddle.”

You also find Nova Jewels on Instagram here.

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