I was in debt but paid off thousands by using my saucy circus skills

A professional trapeze artist and former clown paid of her debt by saucing up her circus skills and using her talent to make cash.

Growing up Hannah James always dreamt of a career in a modern travelling circus where she'd perform glamorous acrobatics and mind-boggling contortion.

But she when she realised her student loan didn't offer her enough to get by, the 26-year-old decided she could use her talents to aid a sexy career.

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Hannah, who has over 220,000 followers on Twitter (@hannahjames710), decided to appeal to a wider audience and started an OnlyFans account.

Now she performs a daily show online with professional lighting, a smoke machine, pole dancing and costume changes for tens of thousands of viewers.

And to sweeten the deal, she rakes in between £40,000 and £800,000 ($50,000-$100,000 USD) every month.

Hannah, who is from Manchester and now lives in Spain, told NudePR.com: "Every day I have a countdown, and then a red curtain opens on-screen to reveal my show.

"My followers watch my streamed shows where I drop down into the splits and play with kinky toys, and then talk to me afterwards on OnlyFans just like a traditional stage door meet-and-greet at the theatre.

"I always have so many crazy ideas and my fans love to help me to achieve them.

"I have cracked 1,000 eggs over myself, I’ve slingshot 300 pumpkins from my balcony and completed a hot dog challenge that involved me sitting in a paddling pool as my assistant poured 1,000 hot dogs over my head.

"I stank of wieners for days and still gag whenever I smell tinned hot dogs."

Even though she considers herself a "loner" outside of socialising with her family, she found inspiration from loved ones to aid her success.

The performer grew up with parents who opted for a "hippie lifestyle", and they travelled around living on a bus.

She said the lifestyle gave her a sense of freedom – and she was always encouraged to push boundaries and learn from making her own mistakes.

"I really respect that about my upbringing but we didn’t have much money," she added.

"So I think that gave me a drive to build a life for myself that was a mix of the same freedom that I experienced growing up with the financial freedom that I desired too."

Hannah, who was first enrolled in circus school by her mum to seek an outlet for her "hyper energy", revealed it was this same energy that led her to do racy performances.

She said: "I learned how to use my natural energy and stage presence to build a career, but I got impatient and that’s when I started performing on webcam sites to pay my rent and bills.

"I found that the sexy knots I could tie myself into were a huge hit with my audience.

"I earned good money, I could earn over $1,000 in a show by bending and flexing online.

"The model first launched her account in November 2019 and it exploded almost overnight – since then, she’s made more than £792,000 ($1m USD) which she has invested in property, crypto and sports cars."

Even though the money is pouring in, the online circus community she has created also gives her ample reason to continue.

She considers the people she has performed for over the years to be true friends, and they always check up with her and wish her a happy birthday.

"There are people who I turn to for advice now who started off watching me dance around in my underwear," continued Hannah.

The single content creator believes performing online gave her the creative outlet and opportunity to use her stage skills without being restricted to one type of performance.

She added: "I dreamed of a free and flexible working life that was full of fun and that’s what I thought the circus could give me, but now I have all of that and total control of my time.

"My performing arts degree left me in tens of thousands of debt and it offered me limited career prospects.

"I have been able to pay my debt off with ease once focusing full-time on live streaming.

"I knew from an early age that a conventional nine to five wasn’t for me, and I used my circus-style shows and stage performances to stand out."


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