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GETTING a plane full of people to remain calm is never going to be easy.

Some might be afraid of flying, while others might have had a drink, all contributing to a mixture of different emotions on board the aircraft.

However, flight attendants have a sneaky way of keeping their passengers relaxed before they take off, to try and prevent any nervousness.

In an in-flight magazine, KLM's in-flight entertainment manager revealed how the cabin crew on their planes can use music to change and maintain the atmosphere.

He also explained how not every journey will call for the same vibe, and how the flight attendants will choose the right music for each flight.

He said: “What passengers might not know is that it's the flight attendants who pick the music.

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“They can choose from three playlists: easy, medium or up-tempo. And every list is compiled to suit the mood of the entire plane.

"For example, if you boarded an evening flight, you probably heard the easy playlist, which has a mellow vibe.

"What's more: all of our playlists include upcoming talent, and can be found (together with other playlists) on Spotify.”

KLM aren't the only airline to reveal this trick either.

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David Scotland is the in-flight entertainment and connectivity product manager for Alaska Airlines and he told The Washington Post all about the importance of pre-takeoff music.

He said: "I just love creating different playlists for different moods. It can't have too many pauses in it, it can't get too quiet or too loud.

"We never want the music to take centre stage at any time during the boarding process. We don't want it to be a distraction. It needs to complement what's going on in the aircraft environment."

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