Influencer bares ‘skin folds’ to expose reality behind ‘flawless’ mirror selfies

A TikTok video has exposed how influencer's curate a flawless mirror selfie from far away with a simple trick.

These types of photos tend to show influencers sitting on the ground or from far away in a stunning pose.

No matter the angle, they manage to show off their curves without awkward limb placement or bad lighting.

For most of us, taking a mirror selfie for Instagram requires you to be up close and personal so you can see how it'll turn out.

But that also means you tend to look down at your phone while taking the snap and it's not always a flattering look.

Danae Mercer has revealed a sneaky trick influencers are doing to look flawless and natural in their mirror selfies – even if they seem miles away from the glass.

In her video titled "Influencer photo secrets", she shows fans an example of the popular pose lying down and says "hey guys, photos like this aren't real".

Bizarrely, there is no mirror used at all in the hack.

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She says: "There's no mirror. I'm using an iPhone set up on a tripod and the other phone is fake dummy phone."

She also uses a clicker to take the picture from her real mobile set up metres away.

Danae then takes a "real" photo of what she looks like while lying on the pose on the bed with a selfie and shared it with her 28,000 followers on the app.

She writes on the video: "Plus when I actually lay down, this is what I look like. Skin folds and all."

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The TikToker has shared the hack to show followers that pictures are not always as they seem on social media.

She tries to break down the wall between expectation and reality by exposing the simple tricks popular influencers do to look good in their photos.

Danae ends the video by saying: "Just another reason not to compare yourself to what you see online."

One viewer commented: "Young girls are struggling so much with body image because of these edited photos.

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