Influencer takes two snaps to show reality of bloating during monthly cycle

An influencer has been hailed online for sharing the reality behind the stomach bloating during your period.

Georgie Clarke is known for her eye-opening posts and fans often praise her for her no-nonsense attitude.

In one of her latest uploads, she enlightened fans with two snaps taken seconds apart while on her period.

The first one was posed, while the second was more of a raw snap where she was relaxed.

In the caption to her 724,000 followers on Instagram it read: "Bloating is human.

"Let's be real, every female knows that the first days of your cycle means one thing – bloated AF.

"I know it's hard to not look at yourself when you're bloated and feel upset but remember it's natural for your body to do this."

The influencer went onto tell fans that "all women bloat" and to remember this "reality check".

She added: "There will be about 100 pictures of them looking like I do on the right.

"'The shot before the shot' I like to call it… the reality of the shoot.

"And if you see an image of yourself looking bloated in the future I encourage you to be kinder to yourself."

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She concluded the post by telling her thousands of fans that "you're only human".

Georgie wrote: "So how about we start normalising normal bodies, normal bloating, normal cycle symptoms… Let's be kind to ourselves."

Since it was uploaded two days ago, her post racked up over 18,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One wrote: "Thank you for this," while another praised: "Facts."

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