Isle of Paradise launches spray tan bottle inspired by viral TikTok trend – we try it

Remember when almost every beauty content creator on TikTok was using a hair mister bottle to apply Isle of Paradise’s Self Tanning Water? Well, the brand has been taking notes and has launched its very own mister bottle inspired by the trend, specifically designed to meet your at-home tanning application needs.

If you aren’t familiar with the BeautyTok hack, allow us to recap for you. Back in February, a video went viral on the app explaining a pretty genius method of applying said tanning water. Now available in refill pouches to save on plastic packaging, user foamy3 said that they had poured the contents into a basic continuous spray bottle and used that to distribute their tan even more easily.

Within a week or so everybody was onto it – one clip by influencer Raven Elyse demonstrating the method has racked up almost two million views and, according to the brand, caused the pouches to completely sell out within 48 hours of posting.

And lo, the new Pro-Glow Spray Tan Mister, £10.95 here, was born. The nifty bottle – which has a far cuter design than the basic bottles, we might add – promises to spritz your tanning water more evenly in an "ultra fine mist" to help you achieve a flawless glow.

“We knew right away we could make something incredible, specifically for self-tanning," explains the brand’s founder, celebrity tanner Jules Von Hep. "It’s so important for us to listen to what consumers are looking for when it comes to their tanning routine, and social media has played a huge role in opening up that direct communication with our community.

"With new trends popping up every day, we had to act quickly to make the Mister a reality," he adds.

So the real question is: does it deliver? Ahead of the launch, OK! beauty writer Lucy got her hands on the Pro-Glow Mister to give it a whirl for herself. Here’s how she got on…

Lucy says:

I’ll let you into a secret. I can count on one hand the number of times I have bothered to fake tan in the last year. It’s not that I don’t like the results – I love myself a nice summery glow – but with zero nights out or bikini-clad occasions in the diary for the best part of a year, self tan kinda fell off my beauty radar as it just didn’t feel worth the effort.

When I do tan I am a fan of Isle of Paradise’s easy-to-use products (a mist that I can spritz directly onto my skin! Face drops that I can mix into my moisturiser!) and I think the Light options are some of the best fake tan for pale skin. So the mister’s launch was as good a kick up the proverbial as any to get my glow on again.

I already own a couple of the generic continuous spray bottles, which I use to re-style my curls between washes, so I was intrigued to see how Isle of Paradise had improved on the design for self tan purposes.

Comparing the two before I began, spray from the Pro-Glow definitely feels less "wet" than my hair mister – which makes sense, as it’s designed to mimic a spray tan nozzle rather than coat hair with water or styling product. It costs around £2 more than the generic ones you’ll find on Amazon, so you won’t be breaking the bank by investing.

I was really impressed by how much quicker it makes the tanning process. Using the Light Tanning Water Refill, £14.95 here, it barely took me two minutes to mist tan over my entire body and then buff in with a clean tanning mitt. Save for my rookie error around my wrists (look, it’s been a while), my glow the next morning was nice and even.

If you’re going to give this a go for yourself, don’t get carried away and empty the entire contents of the pouch into the spray bottle. You wouldn’t go through an entire tanning water in one bronzing session, so the same rule applies here. Plus you should clean out the bottle after each misting session for hygiene reasons. To keep mess to a minimum, apply in the shower or cover the area with non-white towels.

As someone who likes the low effort level involved in a good beauty hack, I can see why the kids made such a fuss over this method. You can consider this product lazy girl approved. Cheers, Jules!

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