Italy's most famous grandmother is streaming her pasta-making classes

Fancy making pasta at home during the coronavrius lockdown? Nonna Nerina will show you how with this online course. 

Italy might be on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped this Italian nonna from running her pasta-making courses. Nonna Nerina, who usually runs the classes at her countryside workshop just outside of Rome, has taken the course online. This means that you can book sessions through Airbnb and make your own pasta at home. Let’s face it, we’ve all got plenty of time to cook at home right now. And you only need simple ingredients to make pasta.

Here’s everything you need to know about Nonna Nerina and her home-cooking course. 

Who is Nonna Nerina?

Nonna Nerina is the 84-year-old Italian grandmother who has become famous for hosting pasta-making courses with her granddaughter Chiara through Airbnb. 

Chiara writes on their Airbnb page: “Whenever I sat in my grandma’s kitchen growing up, she’d make pasta while sharing memories of her own mum and grandma. I soon realised my generation was missing something important: the handmade pasta techniques and traditions passed down through the ages. I asked if I could post photos online, to which she replied, ‘Do what you want, I don’t understand you at all.’ Today, she knows what an impact she’s making because people from all over the world come to our home to cook with her, making her very happy.”

What is Cook Pasta With Nonna Live?

The family has now taken its courses online. A week before the class, you’ll receive a shopping list of ingredients to buy and a list of any utensils you may need to cook with. They promise to keep these lists simple, and say you probably already have all the things you need in your kitchen.

You’ll also receive translated notes from Nonna Nerina to help you prepare for the two-hour live streaming experience. Their family recipes range from gnocchi to lasagne and ravioli, depending on what day you book a session on. 

How do I book a cooking course with Nonna Nerina?

The cost of a session has been reduced from $100 to $50 (which converts to around £41). 

You can book a class between Wednesdays and Sundays. It’s worth noting that Nonna Nerina only runs the classes on Saturdays and Sundays, with Chiara taking the rest. Find the full schedule here. 

Already salivating? You can book a class for Nonna Nerina Live here. 

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