It's Kinda Odd 'Bachelor' Stars Peter And Madison Weren't On 'GMA' Or 'Jimmy Kimmel'

  • Peter Weber’s Bachelor season came to a dramatic end Tuesday night when he ended up with Madison Prewett.
  • After a Bachelor finale, the new couple typically makes a some TV appearances and star on the cover of People magazine.
  • But, as of now, Peter and Madi are staying out of the spotlight.

As Chris Harrison and this season’s promos have been promising all along, Peter Weber’s stint as The Bachelor wrapped up Tuesday night with the second half of “the most dramatic finale ever.” It does seem like newly reunited Pilot Pete and Madison Prewett do actually love each other, but getting other people (*cough* Peter’s mom Barbara *cough*) on board with their relationship after that whole proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss and breaking up with her thing might take a little longer than a four-hour finale.

Throughout the season, viewers kept being told that this ending would be unlike any other in Bachelor history, and, in at least one way, that would be accurate. Typically, after the dust settles from the Final Rose ceremony and the “After The Final Rose” special, the newly engaged couple (or still single star living his or her best life) are everywhere.

They typically start with a late-night TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, grace People magazine’s cover and, of course, swing by Good Morning America the next day. That makes the total lack of appearances by Peter and/or Madi now that they’re a public couple a bit, well, odd.

After her dramatic season and kicking Jed to the curb on “After The Final Rose,” Hannah Brown still went on GMA the next morning and discussed how her journey made her stronger with Michael Strahan.

Compare that to this morning’s GMA segment that only featured an interview with host Chris Harrison, in which he discussed trying to referee the drama between Madi and Barb last night.

Besides a typical People cover story, the post-show coverage also usually includes saying hi to Jimmy Kimmel for his “After the After the After the Final Rose” segment. Check out Jimmy and Hannah B talking after the end of her season:

And peep this past Tuesday night’s segment of Jimmy riffing on clips from the finale:

Now, not trying to dust up any Bachelor rumors here, but it looks like Peter was unavailable for the usual round of post-finale press! Considering all that went down Tuesday night, if Peter and Madi are looking to spend some one-on-one time out of the media spotlight, that would be 100-percent understandable.

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