Jaden Smith’s New Vegan Restaurant Will Give Free Food To The Homeless

Jaden Smith, the 23 year old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, is continuing to demonstrate that fame and fortune have not impacted the true nature of his spirit. While most other celebrity children his age are busy snapping selfies and bragging about their material wealth, this philanthropic young man is focused on feeding the homeless. He has launched a new initiative whereby those who are homeless are able to access healthy vegan meals at absolutely no cost. Complex reports that he’s opening a restaurant called I Love You, which is an extension of a food truck he already operates under that name. Jaden Smith is making moves to prove where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the homeless will be fed.

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Jaden Smith isn’t your average rich kid. He’s a child with a conscience, and he’s using his position in life to better the lives of those around him.

As a devoted vegetarian Jaden feels each person, regardless of their status in life, deserves to eat wholesome, healthy food, and he recognizes that the homeless are severely disadvantaged in this way.

He’s able to make a change, and he’s dedicated to doing so.

After having launched his I Love You Food truck in 2019, he is now branching out to open up a physical location, and plans to open the doors of his restaurant to two distinctly different types of clientele: those who will pay double for their meals, and those who won’t pay for their meals at all.

The framework depends on humanity and good-will as well as the integrity of each person coming in to dine. Simply put, those who have the means to pay for their meal will be asked to pay double, as a method of paying it forward to those in need.

The homeless who come in for a meal will not be turned away. They will also not have to pay anything at all for their wholesome food.

The idea is to ensure a level of conscious humanity, ethical community care, and devotion to bettering society is something that is bred among us. Jaden Smith is the catalyst to this change.

His focus is going to be placed on the Skid Row area, and Harlem in New York City which are reported to be seeing the highest levels of homelessness at this time. The ongoing global pandemic has been truly devastating to so many people, and has disproportionately affected those who already had dire circumstances to contend with, and simply couldn’t endure more adversity.

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