Jake Paul trolls KSI for agreeing to fight TikTok star Austin McBroom and accuses YouTuber of avoiding him

JAKE PAUL has taken aim at KSI for agreeing to fight Austin McBroom, accusing the YouTuber of ducking him.

KSI – real name Olijade Olatunji – made a beeline for McBroom after seeing him win his YouTube vs TikTok clash with Bryce Hall.

He said: "I would beat every single person on that card. Including Austin, Gib."

McBroom wasted little time in responding, saying: "I'm ready whenever you are."

KSI then replied: "Great warm-up. I'm ready."

It didn't take long for the pair's verbal agreement to come to the attention of Paul, who immediately blasted KSI for ducking him.

He said: "[Laugh out loud]. KSI immediately jumping at the opportunity to fight Austin.

"I guess 'music tours' and 'Covid' were only in the way of him fighting me."


KSI and Paul, 28 and 24 respectively, seemed on course to fight one another.

And the pair almost came to blows in the ring in January 2020 after Paul knocked out KSI's good friend AnEson Gib.

A fired-up Paul said: "Let's make it happen."

Paul has had two fights since his stoppage of Gib, knocking out former NBA ace Nate Robinson and laying out ex-UFC star Ben Askren.

The Problem Child will face former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in his next outing on August 28.

And he plans to add The Chosen One to his highlight reel in emphatic fashion.

Paul said of Woodley: “He’s a good striker. He’s known for knocking people out.

"But I think when I beat Tyron, people have to put respect on my name.

“But that’s not what I’m here for, to be honest. I already know how good I am. I know that this is going to be another easy fight.

"That’s why Showtime is in business with me. You’re looking at the future of boxing.”

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