Jim Carrey Casts Donald Trump In The Movie Of His Nightmares

Jim Carrey on Thursday hit Donald Trump with his second taunting artwork of the week, despite saying in January that he would no longer depict the president in cartoon form.

The actor-artist used his latest politically themed piece to take aim at the Trump White House’s widely criticized response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Carrey cast POTUS in “Jaws,” which could actually be the movie of Trump’s nightmares given his reported terror of sharks.

“Trump is willing to risk countless lives to save his economic record,” Carrey captioned the picture, seemingly in response to the president’s stated wish to reopen businesses shuttered amid the public health crisis by Easter. Trump’s hope is in stark contrast to advice from health experts.

“He has fully become the mayor from Jaws,” Carrey wrote, in reference to the film’s fictional Mayor Larry Vaughn (played by Murray Hamilton) who orders the beach to remain open despite evidence that a shark is lurking nearby.

The character returned in the sequel, “Jaws 2.”

Carrey mocked Trump with this NSFW piece on Tuesday:

He also continues to tweet updates on his beard that he’s vowed to grow “until we all go back to work.”


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