JiyongKim's FW21 Collection Is Inspired by Personal Musings

Following his debut “Daylight Matters” collection, Jiyong Kim, the young South Korean designer behind the eponymous label JiyongKim, has returned with an expansive Fall/Winter 2021 range.

Standing as an emerging disruptive force, the designer continued his steadfast sustainability-focused design outlook centered around sun-fading. Once again garments are constructed of reclaimed vintage garments, textile industry offcuts and antique fabrics to stray away from the traditional square cut textile pattern and extensive waste of water and use of harmful chemicals with standard dyeing production methods.

For FW21, Jiyong drew inspiration from his domestic travels throughout South Korea and daily musings by his studio. Some creative observations include netting used to cover boats and the heavy-duty straps and bands that hold down fabric rolls during delivery. Those inspirations have been included in the natural weathering process that sees each garment assembled complete with hardware and placed out in the sun. Left up to five months, the study of weathering creates unique and dynamic patterns of discoloration expedited by the elements.

The collection plays around with menswear staples and workwear essentials rendered in striking textiles that express eye-catching tones. Aside from showcasing a relaxed design outlook, the collection features silhouette warping and obsessive paneling that elevates conventional garment styles. Rounding up the collection is a selection of headwear and scarves that integrate perfectly through fitting contrasts of color and warping forms.

Take a look at JiyongKim’s FW2021 collection above.

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