Jupiter Is the THIRD Planet to Go Retrograde This Week

Notice any weird astro-vibes in the air? That’d be because THREE planets went retrograde this week: Saturn, Venus, and now Jupiter. Yeah, it’s a lot!!! But before you freak out, this one’s actually not scary at all—in fact, it’s kind of encouraging. From May 14 to September 12, Jupiter, which ICYDK is the planet of luck and opportunity, will be moving backwards in Capricorn. No matter what sign you are, you’ll be examining your views of the world and dedicating yourself to global humanitarian issues—something we could all stand to do right now!

This transit asks us to think beyond our borders and work together for a global cause. This could be a challenge because Capricorn is the lucky planet’s least favorite sign—the sea-goat thinks on a micro level, while Jupes is all about the big picture. But with some effort, we can work together as a team of cosmic warriors. Remember, every small action helps.

Here’s what this means for you, by Sun sign:


It’s time to dust off your LinkedIn account and hit up former colleagues for career advice. They can help you out with your job search, give you tips on your current career path, or share a lead about a new gig.


Download all the meditation and self-care apps. You’ve been feeling a tad pessimistic lately (can’t blame you), but you’re being given a new chance to embrace pos vibes. Embrace a new attitude and apply it to all aspects of your life.


Expect to receive payback on a debt or loan in the next few months. When you do, put the check in your savings account and leave it there. You never know when you’ll need it.


A former flame will come back in a big way. If you allow yourself to be swept away, this time, it might actually work out. But if you’re not interested, block ‘em and move on.


All those Zoom calls are starting to become exhausting, amirite? Remember, you don’t have to join in every time—opt out of the calls you can, and turn video off for the ones you can’t. (Hm, your webcam must be broken or something!) Even Leos need to recharge sometimes.


You’re ready to level-up with boo—but you’ll have to be the one to make the first move and start the discussion about DTR/getting engaged/starting a joint TikTok. Sounds scary, sure, but keep in mind: this means you get to set the rules of the relationship, too.


You’re embracing your inner Chrissy Teigen and cooking up scrumptious meals—but now, you’re ready to stray from your family’s favs and get crazy creative. We won’t tell if you don’t… but think of us when you publish your first cookbook.


You’re usually set in your beliefs, but now you’re asking others about theirs and keeping an open mind. Transformation comes naturally to your sign, so go ahead and reassess your ideology. Amazing changes could be coming your way.


Setting boundaries is can be hard, especially when you’re trying to stay (emotionally) close with your crew. You just really want some “you” time to focus on your own vibe, without judgement. So create structure with your friends—say no to random FaceTimes and create a weekly Google Hangout date instead.


You’ve been feeling yourself recently, Cap, but now you may be second-guessing your swagger in the workplace. Don’t fret, sweet sea-goat! Try to keep up your self-confidence through the setbacks, and you’ll be riding the waves of success again soon.


Luck is on your side, but just in case you experience minor bad vibes, you may want to smudge your home. Hey, extra energy protection never hurt anyone, even the cynics!


Getting hands-on with a humanitarian project will consume a big portion of your time—as soon as you settle on one to focus on. Once you have, give all you can to your cause.

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