Justin Bieber's Two New Videos Are About Dancing While In Love

Justin Bieber has released two more cinematic videos from his recently released album, Changes. Instead of focusing on the beauty of the Earth, he’s switched things up — there have been some… changes — and he’s now showing off his admiration of the human body through dance. The clips follow different groups of dancers performing some seriously intricate routines. They tell stories through their interlocking body parts and facial expressions.

“Habitual” follows different couples who eventually converge into one giant routine. One group’s in the midst of getting ready for a performance, another’s in the hallway practicing some steps. The camera spins around to introduce viewers to two more that are just as into their roles as they are into each other. After they weave in and out of each other’s faces, they hit the stage for a masterful set of moves that take your breath away.

“All Around Me” is much more intimate. One couple are the stars of the show here, practically inseparable as they wiggle through each other’s personal spaces while walls close in around them. They grow closer and farther apart as the visual rolls onward, eventually deciding to hold each other close instead of trying to escape the impending doom.

Both “Habitual” and “All Around Me” follow the more nature-filled visuals for “E.T.A.” and “Changes.” Bieber dropped Changes on Valentine’s Day, and it has gone on to become his seventh No. 1 album on the Billboard Hot 200 chart.

Check out Bieber’s two new dance-filled videos up above.

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