Lauren from 'Love Is Blind' said talking politics with Cameron was crucial before getting engaged

  • "Love Is Blind" couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are still married a year after the show.
  • During an interview with The Real, Lauren said it was important for her to talk with Cameron about their political views, motivations, and family life before agreeing to get engaged.
  • According to therapist Rachel Wright, Lauren and Cameron's open communication strengthened their marriage.
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The first season of Netflix's hit dating reality show "Love Is Blind" may be over, but the show's couples are still offering looks into their love lives as they gear up for this week's reunion episode.

On March 2, fan-favorite duo Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton talked more about their love story, which included getting engaged within five days of first talking before getting married soon after, with the hosts of the talk show The Real.

During the segment, co-host Adrienne Houghton asked Lauren and Cameron about the topics they found most important to discuss before they met in person.

Since show participants only get to see each other if they agree to get engaged, it was important to talk about a variety of topics that could come up during their relationships once they agreed to an engagement and entered the real world later on in the show.

The final stage was getting married, and only two couples, including Lauren and Cameron, said "I do."

"It was so fast," Lauren told Houghton. "For me, political views, what wakes you up in the morning, what motivates you, what are your phobias, what's your family life like, how do you want to raise your kids, all of the things you would discuss when thinking about your future with your husband," were important questions to ask.

Lauren also said that she and Cameron had the mentality that "nothing is off the table" when they were getting to know each other.

Lauren and Cameron's openness is their strength as a couple

According to couples therapist Rachel Wright, Lauren and Cameron's abilities to discuss all aspects of their future together, even the difficult parts, is what made them the show's standout couple.

"They seem to both be committed to a healthy relationship and being healthy," Wright previously told Insider. "I could see them being the ones that go to therapy. I could see them being the ones that are like, 'Something's not working, so let's figure it out.'"

Lauren had concerns about Cameron being the first white man she'd ever dated, and she was vocal about that from the moment the duo first met in person.

In the moments centered around the issues Lauren and Cameron would face as an interracial couple, Wright said they listened to one other and didn't act defensively, which made all the difference.

"They had things they needed to resolve, but they didn't turn into fights because they actually talked about it," Wright said.

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