Learn how genetics impact your dog’s life with this popular dog DNA kit

You’re 100 percent certain your puppy is the best dog around. But when it comes to its exact breed, you’re far less certain.

That’s why dog DNA kits have become just as popular as normal at-home testing services for us pet owners, as they allow us to gain valuable insights into how our pup’s genes play a vital role in their personality, as well as help us understand their lineage (namely what breeds make up their background). And more importantly, they can detail what potential health concerns or diseases your furry friend may be pre-disposed to so that you can take proactive measures to keep them healthy.

One at-home testing kit that checks all of the boxes above, plus has received tons of praise from past customers, is the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test (currently on sale for $59.99). This pain-free kit just requires a simple cheek swap from your pup. After, you’ll send the DNA sample to the DNA My Dog’s genetic testing lab, and in a few weeks, you’ll learn your dog’s breed mix, what personality traits it has inherited, as well as any health concerns you should be aware of. From there, you’ll be able to tailor your pet’s lifestyle to one that suits its breed best.

As one impressed reviewer notes, “We received our results and certificate, and the analysis was right on the money! Based on the information provided on behaviors and characteristics, we’ve stepped up [our dog’s] level of exercise and physical activity, and Molly seems happier than ever.  As Molly grows, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any of those hereditary conditions listed.”

While normally priced at $79, currently the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is on sale for 25% off its original retail price, making it just $59.99.

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