Liam Payne ditches meat and fish for veggie diet after watching Netflix doc

Liam Payne has revamped his lifestyle after watching a string of 'scary' Netflix documentaries.

The One Direction superstar, who recently confirmed his split from model Maya Henry, has cut meat and fish out of his diet.

While Liam has always been fitness focused, his new vegetarian diet was spurred on by a series of Netflix documentaries.

Earlier this year the streaming giant released Seaspiracy – a hard hitting documentary about the global fish trade.

Netflix also produced Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret which looked at the potential dangers of the meat industry.

A source said: "During lockdown Liam watched a lot of Netflix – especially documentaries.

"He saw some about how brutal the industry can be at times and found it scary.

"He's previously dabbled in pescetarianism when he was preparing for his Hugo Boss underwear campaign but he's now trying a totally meat and fish free diet."

The move is similar to Liam's ex Cheryl who recently confirmed she now is enjoying meat free days.

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"I eat [vegetarian] three, four days a week normally," she told Marie Claire.

"I only really eat it if my body says it wants too. Otherwise, I just don’t fancy it.

"It’s just a very natural thing that’s happened. It wasn’t even a conscious shift. I just felt like that."

Speaking last year, Liam explained how he was only able to eat fish and protein shakes ahead of striping down for his racy Hugo Boss campaign alongside Stella Maxwell.

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He said: "I had to eat five meals a day, and drink 1,200-calorie protein shakes almost every hour — to pile on loads of weight.

"Then you have to train hard every day. I call it fish month because white fish was the only thing I was allowed to eat for four weeks. But it works."

Admitting he found it hard to keep up, Liam added to The Sun: "It was difficult to separate that lifestyle from everything else.

"When you’re in creative mode, you want to create, you want to be a bit of a slob and be in this chill zone. But that was so militant — I was counting calories and thinking about food and diet all the time."

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Earlier this month Daily Star revealed how Liam is set for a music comeback this year.

After taking time out the star will release a new single in the coming months as well as a new song for Disney's upcoming Ron is Wrong soundtrack.

A source told Daily Star Online: "The track isn't intended to be part of his second era following LP1 but more as an addition.

"Due to the film not being out until October Liam and his team expect he will already have released new music prior to the song dropping but it's the track is already done and dusted in terms of recording.

"Plans are motion for when lockdown ends. He currently has a show pencilled in for in India for 2022 and Brazil at the end of the year."

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