Libra season 2020: When is Libra season? What are Libras like?

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Libra is depicted by the scales, which is understandable since Libra literally means scales in Latin and pound in Spanish. It’s understandable then why Libras are assciated with balance and justice. What are Libras like?

When is Libra season?

Libra season is just around the corner, starting on September 23.

The sun is in Libra up until October 22, when the sun moves into Scorpio on October 23.

Virgo season is really intense and is a time where you’ll feel like cracking down with the chores you need to get done.

Virgo is all about priorities and getting rid of things that no longer serve you.

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Libra season brings a lighter mood, and should be all about spending time with your friends and family.

You might find yourself gravitating towards parties, dating, and making plans.

However, make sure you don’t overcommit and flake out on those who have your back

Be clear about your intentions, show up, and do things that make you happy.

What are Libras like?

Libra’s glyph is reminiscent of its symbol, the scales.

According to Sue Tompkins’ The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook, Libra is all about justice.

Libra is obsessed with equality and partnership, and doesn’t think anyone should have an advantage.

This means Libra is great at compromising and building bridges, making them a great marriage partner.

Libra is often drawn towards the legal profession, or doing something that requires great negotiation skills.

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Libra is concerned with beauty, elegance and refinement, so they don’t like anything ugly.

They also tend to dislike getting their hands dirty, so can come across as lazy.

Laziness doesn’t mean messiness though, since Libra is all about symmetry.

Unlike Virgo, who is focussed on cleanliness, Libra likes things exactly where they are supposed to be.

This need for tidiness can transfer into their relationships– they don’t like mixed signals or unclear situationships.

Libra’s need for harmony can make them quite indecisive.

Like a set of scales, Libra is always weighing things up.

They need a relationship where the other partner is on the other side of the scales, grounding them and playing around with ideas together.

However, those of this sign tend to get along with anyone in friendships.

They want to achieve peace and are often of an extremely civilised nature.

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