Libra traits: What does it mean to be a Libra? Dates, personality and compatibility

Kim Kardashian-West, Zac Efron, Simon Cowell, Serena Williams, and Julie Andrews are all famous Libras. The airy sign is depicted by the Scales of Justice held by Themis in Greek mythology, so it makes sense that the sign is all about harmony and balance. reveals everything you need to know about Libra traits.

Libra’s are peaceful people who always try to do the right thing– they are diplomatic.

Libra’s do all they can to avoid conflict, and they are sociable people.

They like symmetry and cannot stand injustice and inequality.

Here’s what a Libra is like in love, with friends and family, and in their career and finances.

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Libra dislikes being alone, and finding a compatible partner is very important to them.

They are charming and get the reputation of being a romantic who is always looking for someone attractive to fall in love with.

They are connected to sexuality since Scorpio rises where it ends.

Still, Libra is the sign of marriage and most Libra’s will be open to traditional pathways of love.

Libra wants a partner who will adore them and when they find someone, they want to spend every moment with them.

The best match for a Libra is an earthy Taurus. 


Libra has a lot of friends because they are good listeners and communicators.

They are diplomatic and able to work through problems with their friends, and always like to put their friends in the limelight.

Libra is that person with about 10 people they consider to be their “best friend”, and they are open to getting to know new people.

Libra will be planning events, entertaining, and bringing different friends together at parties and gatherings.

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Libra constantly searches for harmony and dislikes arguments, so tends not to disagree with their family for this reason.

They don’t challenge their family members and just agree with them to avoid conflict.

They can often act as a mediator in the family though, helping everyone get along.

Libra is the family member you rant to, and they will help you figure out what to do.


There’s a reason Kim Kardashian-West has trained as a lawyer, because Libra’s are all about justice.

Libra’s passion for fairness and morals would make people of the sign a great lawyer.

You might find Libra in a Human Resources roll, with their excellent people-skills, a desire to make things right, and the ability to gain trusts and build relationships.

Counsellors and therapists would make another good choice for Libra, who is great at guiding others.


Libra often has its finances under control, and they rarely splurge.

Again, Libra’s are great at balance.

They will weigh what they should be saving and what they should be spending before they purchase anything.

Libra isn’t great at making decisions for themselves so if you question their finances they will stop spending completely.

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