Lidl is selling bunny shaped pasta for Easter

PARENTS might want to head down to Lidl where it will soon be selling pasta in shape of bunnies, chicks, and eggs.

The super cute Easter-themed dried pasta could be a good way to encourage children to tuck into their tea.

Packets contain all three shapes in one and the 500g bags cost 99p.

Natural ingredients, including spinach, tomato and beetroot, have been used to help give the pasta its "tricolore" red, yellow and green colours.

You can buy it in store from March 9 but it's only around temporarily so grab it while you can.

Regular 500g bags of pasta cost 42 or 45p at Lidl, so you're paying more than double for the Easter version.

But the fun shapes are the same price for a 500g bag as Lidl's Halloween pasta, which was filled with spider, pumpkin and bat shapes.

Rival Aldi also got in on the action last year with Peppa Pig pasta from Heinz. These were more expensive though, costing 99p for a smaller 360g bag.

Lidl is not the only company to update its products for spring.

Costa fans will be delighted to hear its spring menu includes a new Rolo muffin, salted caramel brownie and an all-day breakfast sandwich.

Aldi, meanwhile, is selling a range of chocolate sloths for Easter, including a lolly and a 200g figure.

And for Marmite fans, yesterday marked a momentous day after the brand teamed up with Marks and Spencer to sell Marmite cheese and butter.

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