Lidl plans first pub so you can enjoy a drink with your shopping

Grocery shopping can be a little dull (especially if you’re trying to hunt down some toilet roll in the coronavirus panic).

So what if you could combine a trip to the pub with your weekly shop? Lidl is making that a reality.

The budget store has announced plans to build its first pub, which will sit alongside the store, so you can grab a pint after a stressful trip to the checkout.

This week, Lidl requested planning permission for the pub at the Dundonald store, outside Belfast in Northern Ireland.

The brand plans to run the pub beside the store but it will have a separate entrance.

There will be seating, a bar area and separate toilets as well as an off-licence area, where you can buy alcohol to take home.

They haven’t revealed any plans on what the pub will sell or how much things will cost but fans of the budget supermarket have come to expect cheaper drinks with their weekly shop, so fingers crossed some of their brands will be carried across into the bar.

The new concept store will cost £7 million to build but as it is in the early stages, they haven’t revealed when they expect it to be completed.

A spokesperson for Lidl said: ‘Lidl can confirm it has lodged an application to open a licensed premises within our Dundonald store. This will offer shoppers an off licence service along with a public house.

‘As the fastest growing retailer in Northern Ireland we believe Dundonald shoppers should have the opportunity to access the same great value assortment currently enjoyed by thousands of shoppers in 37 other Lidl stores in Northern Ireland.’

Hopefully, the idea comes to more stores in the future.

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