Lil Uzi Vert Urges Fans to Stop Being Petty With Ebro Darden Over 2016 Diss

The media executive and radio personality himself acknowledges Uzi’s success on his Twitter post, though he appears to credit himself for the excellent outcome.

AceShowbizLil Uzi Vert is no longer holding grudge against media executive and radio personality Ebro Darden, who used to doubt his career longevity. Following his huge success with “Eternal Atake”, many of his fans were slamming Ebro for his incorrect prediction.

This all started after Ebro made a comment on the then-25-year-old rapper during his interview with HOT 97 back in 2016. At the time, he told Uzi that the rising rap artists such as the latter might find success. However, he would struggle by the age of 27 or 28. Uzi victoriously proved that wrong by celebrating the success of his new album that dominates the Billboard 200 chart for a second straight week.

Ebro himself acknowledged Uzi’s success on his Twitter post on March 16. Seemingly crediting himself for the excellent outcome, he wrote, “So glad I pressed Uzi Vert 4yrs ago… He proved me wrong! Exactly what I love… Hope more artists do the same when I question your talent or skills.”

The post didn’t stop Uzi’s fans from trolling Ebro as they weren’t ready to let his comment slide. “Never forget when Ebro told Uzi he’d be struggling, fast forward 3 years. He’s selling 300k & has the game at his fingertips, life comes at you fast,” a fan bragged on Twitter. “ebro was being such a b***h that whole interview.”

Uzi apparently caught wind of the hate comments and wanted them to stop. “Stop saying f**k Ebro!” he said during Instagram Live broadcast. The rapper went on adding with an apparent backhanded compliment, “Stop saying that! He just old! He ain’t know no better. He old! He ain’t know no better… I ain’t know no better back then. Only thing I knew was they was old!”

During the broadcast, he responded to people saying his recent success was luck and calling his music “wack.” He clapped back, “I dropped my album during the Coronavirus and my s**t still poppin’.” Agreeing with him, a fan commented, “Lyck???? Lol this ain’t sports.”

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