Lotto winner returns to ‘fulfilling’ night shift caring for Alzheimer’s patients

A woman who quit work after becoming a lottery millionaire has returned to her old job – looking after Alzheimer’s patients on night shifts.

Sally Cloke, 54, completed just one week of notice after she and partner Richard Thursby, 57, landed their £1 million win.

But the mum-of-three began missing her “fulfilling” role so much that she decided to go back to work.

Sally says she now does her shifts “out of her heart” rather than for the pay, which is less than £10-an-hour.

She told the Mirror: “At first I thought that was it for me, I would be retired and never work again.

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“But as they say ‘life goes on’ and I started to miss my job more and more.

“Caring for the residents was very fulfilling, that’s what I enjoyed the most.

“Before I left my manager said ‘there will always be a job for you here’ so she welcomed me back with open arms.

“It’s not the best of pay but I do it out of my heart.

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“I walk out of there after a shift and know I have done a good job.”

Sally and Richard, who met 24 years ago on a Valentine’s Day blind date, bought their winning Lotto ticket in 2015.

The down-to-earth couple traded in Sally’s old Honda for a SSang-Yong, bought new tools for carpenter Richard and upsized from their cramped three-bed terrace.

The move to a five-bed in Virginia Water, Surrey, meant their three children – then aged 17, 16 and 15 – no longer had to share rooms.

But two years after becoming a millionaire, Sally began pining to get back to work.

In 2017 the specialist Alzheimer’s carer returned to the residential home where she had been since the late 90s.

She currently works part-time night shifts, while Richard has continued his full-time job as a carpenter.

He said: “The day we won the money everything was out of my hands, I was in shock.

“But when I went back to work I was in control again and it was a calm place for me.

“I didn’t have a day off after the lottery win that’s why I was really supportive of Sally going back.

“I understand it 100 per cent. You need to work, it keeps you sane.”

The couple have had their hands full in recent years, hosting two young grandchildren as well as their own kids at home.

They now want to help their son and two daughters buy their own properties but insist they won’t be getting any handouts.

Richard explained: “We could have just said ‘here’s a huge amount of money’ and it would have been wasted.

“They have got to stand on their own two feet.”

Sally added: “Almost daily we are reminded of the amazingly lucky turn our life has taken.

“Without doubt the best part of winning that £1 million has been the security and opportunities it has given our children.

“Family means the world to us and being able to give our children, and now grandchildren, a roof over their heads is the best feeling.”

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