Love Islands Faye says shes better at dealing with things after Teddy row

Love Island babe Faye Winter has admitted she knows how to "deal with things better now" after her explosive row with her boyfriend Teddy Soares.

Both Faye and Teddy have addressed their fight and believe that their relationship now works so well because they "balance" each other out in terms of personality.

The blonde beauty recently finished in third place with her partner Teddy in the Love Island final – which took place on Monday (23 Aug).

The pair became an official couple on their romantic final date which involved the two sharing their feelings for one another in a pool of roses.

When financial hunk Teddy popped the boyfriend question to her, Faye was over the moon.

However, things have not always been plain-sailing for the couple, and earlier this month they had one of the most explosive rows in the ITV2 show's history.

Faye had been left raging after she saw a clip of Teddy admitting he had a "sexual attraction" to Casa Amor girl Clarisse Juliette.

In dramatic scenes which aired on August 6, Faye exploded at Teddy, yelling at him in front of his fellow Islanders and repeatedly swearing at him.

Faye's furious tirade sparked a record-breaking 25,000 Ofcom complaints – the highest ever number of complaints issued to the media regulator in the show's history.

The pair even broke up at one point, but they went from strength to strength as a couple as the series finale loomed closer.

Speaking out in her ITV exit interview alongside Teddy, Faye revealed that although she's a "fiery person", she knows how to deal with things better now.

When asked about what it is that makes her relationship with Teddy work, she replied: "I'm so fiery and Teddy is so cool. He is the coolest guy I know and I'm so fiery. He chills me out."

Teddy added: "I’m the ice to her fire to be honest! Overall we have so much fun together, we take the p*** out of each other and we have our affectionate moments. We’ve got such a fine balance. Even the arguing, I think that’s healthy in every relationship. It’s just how you deal with it."

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Faye confessed: "That’s why when we made up I said to him I can’t sit here and promise you that that won’t happen again because I can’t say that I won’t argue and I won’t shout. That’s not something that’s in me. I am a fiery person. Obviously, I know how to deal with things better now."

Later in the interview, the pair dished on their future plans as a couple, and it appears they're ready to move in together.

Faye said: "I think we will likely get a place together but I will probably still spend two, three nights – depending on schedules at work – in Devon. Teddy will still have his own space, to be able to see friends, family but it will be our place and we will still spend time apart until we want to be with each other fully. I think that’s our next step."

Teddy affectionately added: "Personally when we’ve spoken about it I’m really open to Devon, anywhere in the UK that gets me closer to Faye."

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