Madison & Peter’s Mom Went AT IT During ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

It’s been clear from the beginning that Peter’s Mom isn’t a fan of Madison, but she really didn’t hold back during their exchange on The Bachelor finale. Shots were fired, and they both got defensive, fast.

After Peter and Madison officially decided to pursue a relationship, Chris Harrison asked Barb her thoughts, knowing that she was always vocal about her preference for Hannah Ann.

After a commercial break, Madison had a chance to respond, and the tension in the room only grew.

Peter attempted to put out the intensifying fire by assuring his family his love for Madison. But, unfortunately, it didn’t really work.

At that point, Madison was over being the nice, quiet one.

Chris Harrison then intervened, and asked Barb how she thought the family, Madison included, could turn the page and start fresh. Barb’s response might have been too candid.

Then the whole room proceeded to loudly boo! Peter’s! mom!

We thought Barb’s "bring her home" moment was her shining star, and clearly, we were wrong. But considering the huge number of Madi stans out there, this one could end up putting her on Bachelor Nation’s bad side for a long time.

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