Man called Ken Barlow never seen Corrie and sick of people asking about Deirdre

Some people don't like their names, but what would it be like to be named the same as a popular TV character?

It seems to be wearing thing for one man called Ken Barlow, who admits he's never seen Coronation Street.

The half Japanese, half British man, from North Wales, says he's often ridiculed as he's compared to the ITV soap legend.

And what's worse is that he ended up going to study at Manchester University, which is near where the soap is filmed.

In another odd coincidence, Ken, 43, found himself working for a company where he found another employee was called Mike Baldwin – the arch enemy of Corrie’s Ken, portrayed by William Roache.

Talking about his name hell, the freelance editor said: “We were in different buildings, so ordinarily didn’t have occasion to meet. However, on a company-wide sponsored walk, a group of pranksters ensured we were introduced with great ceremony and mirth."

And one time, Ken said a friend of his even tried to use his name as a "pulling technique" by approaching women on the dance floor and announcing, ‘Meet Ken Barlow!’.

He told Metro: "It was, unsurprisingly, not an inducement to romance."

While the writer has got used to sharing his name with a Corrie character, he has hoped Ken would get less screen time in the past.

She said: “There have been times when I’ve wished that Ken Barlow – not, I stress, William Roache – would die in a convoluted murder plot, but he seems destined to evade all such plot lines.”

He is also said he's sick of being asked about how Deirdre is.

Ken added: “I just recall the endless barrage of ‘How’s Deidre?’ I had to endure at school.

"While I might get an occasional ‘How’s life on the Street?’, there was generally remarkably little variety in my ridicule."

It seems the only potential bonus to his name would be a drink in the Rovers – but even that hasn't happened.

Ken explained: “On one occasion, Granada Studios – where Coronation Street is filmed – hosted a one-night-only student extravaganza.

“As part of this, the Rovers Return was turned into a functioning pub.

"Determined, finally, to get some payback from my namesake, I marched in and slapped my student ID down on the bar, declaring: ‘I’m Ken Barlow! I think that deserves a free drink!’

“The barman simply shook his head.”

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William Roache, 89, has played Ken Barlow since Corrie was first broadcast in 1960.

He is listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest-serving male television star in a continuous role.

The star said at the time: "I would like to thank Guinness World Records for this new award.

"I have been very fortunate to have been in this wonderful programme, Coronation Street, which has carried me into this world record and a lifetime of wonderful memories."

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