Man makes Siri change his name and people wet themselves laughing at result

Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are becoming common in homes and, while they are handy for stuff like checking the weather, the most fun comes from tormenting them.

A man had people "wetting themselves" laughing when he got Siri to change his nickname to something very silly and the AI absolutely nailed it with the first attempt.

In a viral video shared on Twitter but created by TikToker Ethan Marshall, he is reading out his new name for the AI to learn which is basically "Ahhhhaaahahahahaha" but repeated for an exhausting length of time.

It takes him 45 seconds to get through the repeated Hs and As but the end result is definitely worth it because when Siri then parrots it back to Peter it sounds like a weird sigh or, as one viewer joked, an "orgasm".

The video has been watched just under one million times since it was tweeted on December 2 and people in the comments were left howling – with some saying they'd "wet themseves".

One viewer commented: "That was so much better than I thought it would be.

"Poor Siri just tries her best to pronounce your weird-ass new nickname."

A second person tweeted: "My wife's nickname is Dudu, so I have set Google Assistant to wake on 'Hey Dudu'.

"This means I can say 'Shut up' and I get a petty satisfaction with the reply 'I can do that!'"

Someone else seemed to think the virtual assistant sounded drunk and wrote: "Cut Siri off and send her home in a cab."

Another person quipped: "Sounds like Siri is having an orgasm."

Like her AI rivals, Siri can do a variety of tricks and people were amazed when they discovered her talent at beatboxing.

She can also have a crack at answering when the world will end, what happened to Elvis Presley, and the command "talk dirty to me".

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