Meet the nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic

These are some of the hero nurses battling coronavirus on the front lines in New York City — and around the world.

The stark images are part of an Instagram and Facebook series called Diaries From The Field series, showing health care pros clad in goggles, face masks and head-to-toe protective gear as they fight against COVID-19, which has infected more than 435,000 people worldwide.

“The COVID pandemic is serious and has changed our world in a matter of days,” says a Big Apple nurse identified by her Instagram handle, @jaslyons. “After caring for those infected with COVID and being directly affected by the medical resource shortage – I can tell you this is no joke.”

Many featured in the series look exhausted, and some have sores on their faces from wearing masks for long hours.

One nurse from Cleveland, Ohio is pictured showing off her facial battle wounds after finishing up a 12-hour shift testing symptomatic patients at a drive-thru testing site.

Brazilian nurse Amanda Ramalho is also seen in the photo collection with markings under her eyes from the face masks she wears.

“The mask hurts and doesn’t give much air,” Ramalho was quoted as saying.

A US nurse pictured with red markings on her face said: “This is what you look like after wearing an N95 mask all day. We don’t have enough of anything,” according to the post.

The pictured nurses in the series — who are mostly unidentified — come from all around the globe, including Germany, India, Norway, France, Brazil, England, Italy, Iran and the US.

The organizers of the series are encouraging more nurses and caregivers to share their stories,

“We want your videos, short stories, pics and accounts of what you are going through as a provider during these challenging times,” the organizers say. “Your stories will make a difference and spread the word about the amazing work you are doing.”

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