Meghan Markle ‘more showbiz than royal’ as she carries out last official duties with Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry been keeping a low-profile since announcing a “step back” from their roles as senior royals. Tonight, they appeared out together for what will probably be one of their last outings as working royals. What did their body language say reveal about the couple?


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Meghan and Prince Harry have been spending a lot of time in Canada since revealing their plans to “step back” as working royals.

Tonight, royal fans caught a glimpse of them again as they attended the Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House in London.

The Duchess of Sussex looked stunning in a fitted blue dress by Victoria Beckham.

She opted for glamorous make-up similar to the looks she wore before entering the Royal Family.

In the first appearance since her royal “step back”, Meghan seemed to go back to her showbiz roots, body language expert Judi James explained.

She told “With her glossy red lipstick, her smoky, more dramatic eye make-up and her simple but figure-hugging designer dress this was a much more showbiz looking version of Meghan, and her dazzling smile completed the look.”

Meghan and Prince Harry have not made an official appearance since announcing their royal exit.

However, their body language tonight suggested they were both happy with the decision to leave.

Judi added: “Harry’s eyes gleamed with delight and his wide, upturned smile that bared his upper teeth and rounded his blushing cheeks suggested happiness and pride as he led his wife by the arm.

“This appearance as a couple looked all about sending signals of unity and happiness.

“This suggests the move away from the royal firm was a decision they both endorsed and that they both gained strength from.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex looked like they were both set on the decision to leave.


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Their body language also suggested they have started to embrace a more celebrity role, Judi explained.

“Their mirrored walks and their toned-in blue outfits emphasised the look of a celebrity power-couple,” the expert added.

“They were clear and emphatic in their signals of happy togetherness and like-mindedness.”

Although Meghan and Harry appeared happy, their body language also showed they may have been feeling slight pressure.

This caused some of their looks tonight come across as forced, according to the expert.

“Their smiles looked a little forced at moments,” Judi told

“But the pressure to display their joy in one another and to hold those loving looks as they walked towards the cameras probably did put them under some pressure.”

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