Mortified mum accidentally tells DWP she’s a prostitute in epic autocorrect fail

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A mum suffered a mortifying autocorrect fail when she was messaging DWP.

Steph Harper quickly composed a message for the Department for Work and Pensions to air her concerns about juggling work and looking after her son, seven, with no childcare options while schools were shut.

But in her haste, the 30-year-old accidentally said she’d been “forced into prostitution” instead of “a position”.

The mum, from Gloucester, realised her mistake shortly after sending the message.

She apologised to the DWP advisor and reassured them she hadn’t been forced into sex work – much to their relief.

In response, an employee admitted they’d been “very concerned” after reading the prostitution comment.

Steph said: "It was a really stressful time for everybody.

"I was just worried about paying my rent and bills. I sent them a message in the journal asking about my Universal Credit payment and that's when the auto correct happened.

"I was writing on my phone, don't know how it corrected 'position' to that, I was mortified when I saw what it had changed it to.

"I accidentally told Universal Credit I was a prostitute. When I pressed send I thought 'I should re-read this back 'and thank goodness that I did.

"I remember thinking 'oh my god if they read that they're going to think I'm admitting to being a prostitute' which was definitely not the case.”

Steph added: "When I read the DWP's reply I just laughed out loud, and I thought 'well at least you were concerned about it'."

While the blunder happened in March, it only went viral this week when the mum posted about it on Facebook.

Her comment, which read 'I accidentally told Universal Credit I was a prostitute’, garnered more than 4,300 likes, shares and comments.

Steph said: "This is my first auto-correct fail.

“I was really embarrassed but my friends and family found it hilarious.”

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Steph added: "When I shared it online it just blew up from there. It's good to see it's given people a bit of a laugh.

I've definitely learned my lesson. I triple check everything, even my work emails, all the time."

The DWP declined to comment.

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