Mrs Hinch reveals incredible hack to get perfect pleats in your curtains using insulation pipe

Mrs Hinch is a perfectionist when it comes to having things neat and tidy in her home and that includes her perfectly pleated curtains.

After having her kitchen renovated to include a new serving hatch Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, pointed out that she could now see right into her living room.

It led to many of her followers asking her how she got her curtains so neatly aligned, sharing that she often uses empty toilet rolls to make sure the folds were equal, however had now landed upon a new trick.

Taking to her Instagram Stories Mrs Hinch explained that she "didn't have enough" empty toilet rolls and so went to eBay and snapped up some pipe insulation.

"I didn't have any toilet rolls empty or spare so I bought a big tube of pipe insulation and cut it down," she revealed lifting up the top of her curtain to show off her clever hack.

"It's slight thicker and quicker," she said, adding that she was too "impatient" to wait for spare toilet rolls.

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Last year the cleaning influencer, who has amassed 3.2m followers thanks to her clever tips and tricks, first spoke about her toilet roll trick.

She explained how she had collected the cardboard tubes after they were finished and instead of throwing them away, Mrs Hinch had a different plan for them.

Trimming them all to the same size as she wanted her pleats, the mum-of-one made a cut lengthways to make it easier to slip them on to her curtain rail without having to remove it from the wall.

She then placed each roll behind the curtain in between the rings which then made the gaps all uniform and neatly folded.

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It comes after the cleaning expert shared her clever way to get her make-up brushes clean using a ‘Scrub Daddy’ sponge.

Sharing the hack with her 3.1 million Instagram followers, the mum-of-one wrote: “Little throwback to when I used my @scrubdaddyuk with baby shampoo to clean my make up brushes! Honestly the best little hack ever.”

She continued: “So for anyone needing to Hinch their makeup brushes! I seriously recommend using your scrub daddy.”

In the clips, Mrs Hinch can be seen applying a few drops of Child’s Farm baby shampoo to her brushes and and then washing all of her makeup brushes by simply grazing them across the sponge until the water runs clear for them.

Once your brushes are dry, you leave them on a flat surface as this prevents water dripping down and holds the bristles in place.

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