Mum dyes nine-year-olds hair because she refuses to have a ginger son

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    A mum has dyed her nine-year-old son’s hair because she refuses to have a ginger child.

    Mum Amber Morely first dyed her naturally ginger son Charlie's hair a myriad of colours.

    The little boy has had his hair dyed both bright red and turquoise by his mum.

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    But her extreme actions have seen her attacked online, with people going as far as threatening to report her to social services.

    Referencing her comment that she "refuses to have a ginger son", one person fumed: "If that’s true you need social services calling on you", as reports Birmingham Live.

    However, Amber clarified the real reason she dyes her son's hair is that he wanted her to.

    Speaking to The Sun, Amber explained that Charlie had watched her dyeing her own hair in August, and asked his mum if she would do his.

    Amber added: "I just see it as a way to express himself. It’s just hair and it can be cut off/grows out!

    “The school asked what’s going on with his hair and I responded with, 'Whatever he wants right now'.

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    "And that was all that was said. Other parents at school have even started doing their kids' hair now too.

    "People compare it to me allowing him to have a tattoo or vaping. I get called a bad mom, the usual.

    "He has it cut in a short style every 6 weeks, so when he decides he’s done with colour it’ll be back to normal in a short space of time."

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