My Foundation Always Looks Flawless Thanks to This Makeup Tool

It might be time to re-evaluate the state of your makeup brushes (you know, those ones you rarely wash?). Nothing tacks on time to your makeup routine like having to buff away streak marks from old, unclean brushes, leaving behind a less-than-flawless finish. Since our base sets the fate of how the rest of our makeup lays on top, it’s only smart that we apply our foundation seamlessly, giving the rest of our makeup products a shot at blending with ease. 

While I enjoy taking my time applying makeup, most mornings I only have 10 minutes to spare for my everyday routine before heading to work. So when I had the chance to test a beauty applicator that claims to “cut your makeup time in half,” I was intrigued to say the least. Founded by Adiya Dixon Wiggins, the Yubi Buff and Blend Duo is a two-in-one beauty tool with interchangeable applicators, easily swappable depending on the level of coverage you seek. The dense but soft brush is best for high coverage, while the sponge head can be used for lighter applications. Simply slide the buff brush or blend sponge into the applicator, and use the holder in the back with two fingers to grip the tool. The beauty tool is compact enough to slip into your bag, so you’re set to use it even on the go. 

I tried the velvet-soft brush head first, and was pleasantly surprised at how my foundation was done in less than 30 seconds, with no streaks or patches in sight. The brush transferred most, if not all, of the product onto my face instead of soaking into the bristles. When I switched over to the sponge, it provided a smooth yet lightweight base that I could see myself needing in the warmer months to come. 

Though the applicator works like a dream for foundation, it can be used with just about any makeup product from primers to blush, allowing you to complete an entirely finished look with just one tool. When you’re ready to clean the Buff and Blend Duo, simply use water and your favorite soap, squeezing out excess liquid before laying down to dry. The Yubi Complete Cleaning and Cleansing Kit can also be used with your Duo applicator, if you prefer an even deeper clean. 

Don’t sleep on this handy beauty tool, available on Amazon for $39. It might just give you the power to finally toss your old brushes away.

Yubi Buff Blend Duo

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