My missus wants us to have sex with another bloke but I’m really not sure – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: My girlfriend wants us to try having sex with another bloke as she loves the fantasy of her body being pleasured by two men.

We have been together two years. She is 32, I am 34, and we are very open sexually. She has thrilled me with many new and wonderful experiments in the bedroom. Sex with her is never dull.

The threesome is a fantasy but she also thinks it would be fun to make it real. She wants me and another male interacting sexually.

I have never had any desire to have sex with a man but I think I could handle it. What makes me want to give it a try is seeing her turned on makes me happy.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Fantasy is one thing, acting on it is another.

You already have a varied sexual relationship and trying a threesome could end up raising all sorts of difficult issues and emotions.

Doing anything sexually just to please your girlfriend is a road to unhappiness.

My e-leaflet Thinking of Having a Threesome? spells out the pitfalls.

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