Nando’s staff shares nine employee secrets – including how to get free food

If you’re a fan of a cheeky Nando’s you might want to keep reading this.

Nando’s is one of the most popular restaurants in the UK, serving up delicious peri-spiced chicken day-after-day since opening its doors in 1992.

As well as being famous for its PERi-PERi chicken and chips, the restaurants also serves up delicious burgers, wraps as well as tasty desserts.

But there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes of the chicken restaurant guests might not be aware of.

A former Nando’s staff member has spilled the beans in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online.

From weird things that happen, to how to get free food, one former Nandoca has lifted the lid on all things Nando’s.

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1. Yes, we eat for free

Every shift we get a free meal of our choice up to a certain cost – but it doesn’t stop there.

Staff have been known to go rogue and order off-menu.

I’ve known people to make a pizza out of a wrap, Peri-base and all the toppings you can imagine.

I still don’t know why this isn’t a thing on the menu yet…

2. If you part ways with the company you can have a massive feast on your last shift

Day-to-day you have to abide by certain limitations, but they all go out the window when it’s your last meal.

It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a three course meal with some of the fancier drinks.

3. Frozen yoghurt thieves don’t go unnoticed

We all know how easy it is to ask for a free glass of water, then go to fill it up with soft drinks.

And believe me – this doesn’t go unnoticed.

But some people take this cheekiness to a whole new level, and fill their water glass with frozen yoghurt.

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4. Black Cards are real

You don’t see one that often, and when a guest does have one no one usually knows what to do.

This is something only a manager can sign off – and card holders get a pretty sweet deal.

Those lucky enough to possess such a card, and I’ve only seen two of them, get to order whatever they want off the menu for themselves and four others.

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5. Please remember your table number – forgetting it is one of our biggest pet peeves

Nothing is more frustrating than listening to someone reel off their chicken order, complete with spice and sides, before they have given you their table number.

Guests aren’t usually happy when you send them off to check their table number – but I’m sorry, you aren’t getting chicken without it.

6. We actually do run out of chicken

You might think we are joking when we say we have run out of chicken, but this actually happens.

Because we can’t store chicken overnight, only the amount we think we will sell is ordered into store each day.

Naturally, sometimes we underestimate just how bad peoples’ chicken-cravings can be.

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7. You can get free food

Staff have the ability to give customers free food by using the Random Act Of Kindness function on the till.

It’s often used as an apology if Nando’s gets an order wrong, but on a rare occasion it is used when staff feel like a customer deserves an uplift.

So just continue being an amazing human being and you never know!

8. Leftovers are ours for the taking

Being put on the late shift isn’t always great news, but there is one benefit – the leftover food.

Surplus chicken and sides that are going to go past their sell-by-date can’t be kept in the restaurant.

Hungry employees on the late shift are often more than willing to take it home with them.

9. We hate working on the late shift

Although we have the pleasure of taking home food, one task puts a big dampener on late shifts.

Every evening we have to fill up each sauce bottle in the restaurant, and clean them.

This is sticky and incredibly tedious work after trying to get drunk people to leave the restaurant.

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