NEIGHBORHOOD Unveils Multifunctional "OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT" Goods

NEIGHBORHOOD has shared a look at its newest three-piece “OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT” collection.

The Japanese streetwear staple first teamed up with the long-established transport vehicle and equipment brand Hanaoka Sharyo for a stark black flat cart. The carrier can be used with either two or four wheels, and when folded, are stowed and compact, allowing the user to lift it around with ease. NEIGHBORHOOD is also offering a translucent foldable storage container that arrives with a contrasting black cover and minimalist insignias; the container can be wheeled around by the accompanying black flat cart. Finally, there is the waterproof PVC ground sheet that can be utilized for many outdoor activities like picnics to full-scale camping. The branded snap buttons located on the four corners of the sheet prevents sand and other foreign matter from dirtying up the area, allowing users to enjoy the great outdoors without getting too soiled.

The NEIGHBORHOOD “OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT” is available now for pre-order online and will drop at authorized dealers August 14. The items are priced at ¥8,800 JPY (approximately $80 USD) for the storage container, ¥11,000 JPY (approximately $100 USD) for the PVC ground sheet and ¥19,800 JPY (approximately $180 USD) for the flat cart.

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