Never Misplace Your Wallet Again With Ekster’s Latest Collection

Having already introduced the first trackable smart wallet, tech-brand Ekster continues to innovate with its latest limited-edition collection.

Ekster’s signature smart wallet is operated by a click of a button, a feature that releases cards in a staggered way for easy access to all the contents inside. Elsewhere, the brand’s solar-powered tracker keeps tabs on your items at any given time through various apps including Google Home and Alexa on the same network as Apple’s AirTag.

The new collection is comprised of two iterations, the first being the Aluminum Cardholder crafted from the same space-grade materials found on NASA’s spaceships. The second version is their Carbon Fiber Cardholder which offers an ultra-lightweight design that is 10 times stronger than steel. Despite its slimline design, its durability is unmatched and able to withstand the weight of the average car.

Speaking on the innovations of the latest collection, Ekster’s founder Olivier Momma explains, “Our design team often looks to military and aerospace engineers for new materials to experiment with. When we started working with 3K carbon we were initially drawn to its functionality but immediately fell in love with its aesthetic. Forged carbon creates a bespoke marbled pattern, unique to each wallet that keeps us pushing the boundaries of durability while delivering on a promise for attractive tech.”

The Ekster cardholders are available to purchase now with prices starting at $89 USD. For more information and to shop the latest collection you can visit the brand’s website.
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