Optical illusion shows if youre happy or not – and people see it differently

An optical illusion can often be really confusing for us all.

You might spot one thing, then your pal sees it completely different to you.

Now TikTok viewers have been left scratching their heads after the latest illusion to hit the video-sharing app.

The Danish optical illusion, shared by Bright Side, is leaving people baffled as users see two different things in it.

If you see an apple, that's great news, but if you spot two faces looking at each other then you might need to rethink things.

The voiceover said: "If it's an apple to you, you take things as they are and you're pretty happy with what you see in life."

In the video, the person added: "You know you can always rely on your close people and they'll support you no matter what.

"You're always in a good mood and you pass it onto others. If you saw two profiles here first, relationships are your big priority in life.

"You might be going through a period of uncertainty with someone special to you.

"Remember the best you can do is discuss it together and not hold it all in your heart. Things will surely get better."

Looking for more optical illusions?

Recently, a viral image showing a couple hugging left Reddit users baffled.

The mind-bending snap shows two people hugging on a beach as many are wondering what's actually going on.

In the image, titled "This hurts my brain", the optical illusion has since been viewed 2million times when it was shared in 2016.

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On another occasion, a picture confused the internet as it asked whether the lines were parallel.

Gala Spins joined forces with Bhavin Shah, behavioural optometrist at Central Vision Opticians, to discuss the optical illusion.

According to a poll, almost two thirds of Brits (60%) got this one correct, so can figure out what's going on?

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