‘Perfectly spherical’ UFOs with ‘mechanical lighting’ spotted hurtling past ISS

A UFO hunter has filmed several mysterious "orbs" flying past the International Space Station (ISS) while observing the live feed.

Graham, who has spent years watching and analysing ISS footage, shared the interesting find on Tuesday (June 2) on his YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot.

The clip shows a bright circular object moving in the opposite direction to the ISS and hurtling past at high speed.

Within a short period of time, a few more similar but smaller UFOs pop up on the high-definition camera as the station moves over Chile.

The conspiracy theorist said: "It looked to be perfectly spherical, similar to other UAPs that have been documented and seen throughout the skies of Earth.

"It's very bright, which could be due to some kind of mechanical lighting or even a plasma.

"And it's moving fast, but not as fast as your traditional satellite."

He added that the location of the discovery was quite "compelling" as it appeared right above the ocean near the western coast of Chile.

"Chile has quite a reputation of being a UFO hotspot," he added. "I'm sure this is not an object from the ground, for one it's too bright."

Some keen-eyed viewers suggested the orbs are spinning in space as it hurtled past the camera.

Others were impressed by Graham's fascinating finds.

But similar sightings have often been dismissed as space junk, which could be dead satellites that have failed or been left in orbit at the end of their mission.

It could be debris or paint flecks that have fallen off a rocket.

Last weekend, a man spotted a "transparent boat-shaped" UFO gliding through the clouds in the night sky in Taiwan.

He claimed the craft is "bigger than the size of an airplane" as he watched it disappearing into thin air.

Elsewhere in Indonesia, residents were baffled when they witnessed a UFO falling through the sky with a trail of black smoke before it crashed into sea.

The Indonesian government’s space agency decided to send a team to the location and investigate.

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