Pete Alonso got an unprecedented salary increase from the Mets

PORT ST. LUCIE — As a rookie, Pete Alonso set records on the field. Now, he’s setting records with his contract.

The first baseman agreed to terms with the Mets on a $652,521 salary for 2020, according to a source, which is a record one-year deal for a second-year player.

“My job is to be ready to help my team win a championship,’’ Alonso said at Clover Park. “We got a number and I was shocked and thrilled. I’m so happy we came to an agreement.”

He said he was unaware if his agent and the Mets discussed the possibility of a long-term extension, which could involve Alonso bypassing free agency.

“An extension, I think it would be awesome, but I’m still trying to focus on the now,’’ Alonso said. “I can’t necessarily think too much about the future. I’m locked in on the present. If we don’t end up where we want to be because I’m worried about something else, that’s not productive for anybody. I’ve got blinders on. I’m raring to go. I’m just pumped.”

Alonso hit 53 homers last season, breaking Aaron Judge’s rookie record, and made $555,000 after making the team out of spring training. The 25-year-old remains more focused on the home run number than his contract.

“Going into last year, you don’t think about this type of stuff,” Alonso said of his salary. “For me, I put my heart out there every single day and for the Mets to make this happen is incredible. To be rewarded is fantastic. I give my blood, sweat and tears to this organization. I’ll do whatever it takes to win and to be thought of in that high regard is really gratifying.”

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