Probation scandal as freed criminals ‘monitored by firms’ murder every four days

A shocking 309 people have been killed by offenders being monitored by private probation firms since the service was part-privatised.

Last year alone 84 were murdered – an average of one every four days.

Nadine Marshall, whose son Conner was beaten to death, said: “It’s tragic and unacceptable for the victims’ families.”

The mm whose son was killed by an offender being monitored by a private probation firm has told of her fury that such murders have soared under Tory outsourcing.

Last year 138 people were killed by monitored offenders, nearly double the toll of 71 in 2014.

Of last year’s victims, 84 – by far the majority – were killed by those under the watch of private community ­rehabilitation companies.

It means there was a murder every four days on average by criminals whose probation was outsourced.

Nadine Marshall, whose son Conner, 18, was an early victim of the system, said: “It’s tragic. Conner’s death was senseless and unnecessary. The lessons just aren’t being learned.”

Conner was beaten to death in Porthcawl, South Wales, in March 2015 by David Braddon, who was on probation at the time and is now serving a life sentence.

A total of 309 people have been murdered by criminals monitored by private firms in the six years since the shake-up, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal.

It far outnumbers the 196 killed by those managed by the National ­Probation Service in the same period.

Nadine, who hopes to stand for Plaid Cymru in May’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections in South Wales, said: “It’s unacceptable for those victims’ ­families, it makes me so angry. What more proof do we need that there needs to be change?

"I can’t see how they can keep making statements saying that things are changing and money is going into probation when the figures don’t show that.

“We can’t just keep letting this happen and that is why I am going to try to help change things.”

Private CRCs manage some 150,000 medium and low-risk offenders while the Government’s NPS is responsible for 106,000 high-risk criminals.

Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville Roberts said: “The privatised probation experiment clearly hasn’t worked. Companies have clearly cut corners putting profit before people’s safety. The Ministry of Justice must act quickly to bring the whole probation back into the public sector and fund it properly.”

Last year’s toll of 84 killed by CRC-monitored offenders was double the 42 in 2015, the year after Chris Grayling ushered in the changes as Justice Secretary. Problems with the part-privatisation cost nearly £500million, the National Audit Office said.

Campaign group We Own It said: “Private probation companies cannot be trusted to keep the public safe.”

All probation will be put back in the public sector from December – but it is too late for the 309 victims.

The Ministry of Justice said: “We are bringing all offender management back under the National Probation Service and have 800 new probation officers in training. Less than 0.5% of offenders on probation are convicted of a serious further offence.”

Dorothy, 89

Reece Dempster, 23, subjected frail Dorothy Woolmer to a seven-hour sex ordeal before murdering her.

At the time he was wearing an electronic tag while on an eight-month suspended sentence for burglary.

Dempsey, of Haringey, North London, was jailed for 34 years for murder last month. 

Eulin, 74

Aaron Fyle, 29, already had 100 convictions when he broke into Eulin Hastings’ home and bludgeoned her to

death with a table in 2017. He jumped over garden fences in South Norwood, South East London, trying to escape but was caught and jailed for life with a minimum of 31 years.

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