Rello Is "Searching For Real Love" in Pop-Up Exhibition

Chicago-based artist and founder of the Lost Paradise label, Rello, is best known for his figurative artworks that feature nostalgic cartoons and pop culture ephemera. While there are plenty of artists that reimagine popular characters, the artist interprets these iconic figures as Black subjects.

Rello recently launched his own solo exhibition in Los Angeles called “Searching for Real Love.” The presentation features a selection of illustrated works, apparel and merchandise featuring his signature mascot, Ozzy the Bad Mouse. From walking his pet mouse to kissing his mate Ruby, the character is set in various scenarios across vivid compositions. “This show is an exploration of the different ranges of love and you’re taking the journey through the eyes of a black character,” said the artist in a statement.

Highlighted apparel and merchandise in the exhibition include graphic hoodies and tees, large-scale plush dolls of Ozzy, a jigsaw puzzle, as well as pins. Check out the installation views for “Searching for Real Love” in the slideshow above and be sure to follow Rello on Instagram for quick updates on his latest projects. The pop-up exhibition is on view through May 30 at the address below.

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“Searching for Real Love”
311 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013
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