‘RHOBH’ Recap: Denise Richards Is Pushed To A Breaking Point After Kyle Accuses Her Of Being ‘Fake’

Remember the laid-back Denise Richards that was introduced at the start of Season 9 of ‘RHOBH’? Well, she can’t come to the phone right now because she no longer exists.

Denise Richards hit a breaking point and lashed out at one of the ladies during the May 13 episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but it’s not what you think. The lady we’re speaking of is not Brandi Glanville. And Denise’s fury had nothing to do with an alleged hookup or “months-long affair”. This time around, Denise became upset with Kyle Richards after the OG star criticized most of her co-stars for being “fake a** bitches”. No one questioned Kyle’s comment when she threw it out there during Denise’s backyard pizza party, but when the ladies reunited for Lisa Rinna‘s daughters’ fashion line launch party a few nights later, all bets were off.

The wild moment came after Dorit and Sutton got into their own argument, but we’ll get to that later. First, we must address Denise’s clap back at Kyle. After Kyle told Denise that she was one of the people she was referring to as “fake” due to the fact that Denise couldn’t have cared less about glitz and glam when she first signed onto the show, but now throws parties with diamond ice sculptures, Denise went in on her. “I’ve been an actress in this business for a long time, and I’ve done glam for my job. Half the time you guys see me, when I meet you, I’m coming from f***ing set,” she said before adding in her confessional, “I am f***ing Denise Richards, Kyle. I don’t think these bitches know that I’ve been on like every f***ing magazine cover you can possibly imagine that they would want to be on.”

Kyle then tried explaining that, “Everyone was defending that it was normal to get glam before a workout.” But before she could get anymore words out, Denise cut her off. “Do you realize you don’t let some people talk? … You talk at us sometimes, not to us, and you don’t listen.”

Kyle tried defending herself some more, but Denise told her that she “needs to be quiet” before yelling, “Stop!” Kyle said she didn’t need to be quiet, so Denise said she wouldn’t “finish talking”, and Kyle said, “good” before calling Denise an “a**hole”.

Sadly, Denise’s “Bravo, Bravo, f***ing Bravo” comment didn’t make the final cut in this week’s episode — a clip that was made famous in the initial Season 10 teaser reel — but even without it, it seemed pretty clear that she’s very upset with Kyle. So upset that Erika had to try to calm Denise down by simply saying her name.

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As for Dorit and Sutton — well, their drama was also pretty wild. When the ladies met up before heading over to Rinna’s daughters’ event, Rinna said her girls collaborated with “someone” that everyone in the group knows, and once they get to the vent, they’d find out who that was. She wouldn’t give details, but the tease scared Sutton. And Sutton actually made that pretty clear to everyone, but they just thought she was acting strange. As did we. However, on their way to the event, Sutton told Dorit that she was going “freak the f*** out” because she assumed the special collaborator was Lisa’s makeup artist, whom Sutton previously went into business with before they had a falling out.

Dorit kept this information to herself until all the ladies sat down for dinner together after the event. Dorit basically put Sutton on blast because she was scared of what it might mean when and if Sutton “freaks the f*** out”. Dorit also told Sutton that it “was an inappropriate time” for her to act dramatic, and Lisa Rinna agreed. She added, “Well, I’m glad you didn’t because I would have kicked you the f*** out like really fast”. Lisa Rinna seemed pissed so Sutton tried doing damage control, but every time she tried explaining herself, Dorit just made the situation seem worse and worse. In fact, things got so heated that Sutton started crying and told Dorit that she was being “really mean”.

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