‘RHONJ’ Reunion: Jennifer Accuses Melissa Of Faking Storylines — You’re So ‘Self Absorbed’

Jennifer Aydin’s claws came out during part one of the ‘RHONJ’ reunion special on March 4, when she accused Melissa Gorga of faking her storylines, including her recent fertility struggles.

After Melissa Gorga told Andy Cohen that she’s still considering freezing her eggs, during the March 4 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Aydin fell into a fit of laughter. “Who are you kidding?” the 42-year-old asked during part one of the reunion special. “[Melissa’s] not gonna have a baby. She’s way too self-absorbed.” Melissa, who couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of Jennifer’s mouths, asked for some “examples” to prove she’s self-absorbed. And believe it or not, Jennifer had plenty of examples ready for battle.

“The constant selfies, the constant self-accolades, like ‘I’m so cute!’ ‘You look so good Melissa Gorga!’ I’ve heard that’s what you do when you scroll on your Instagram,” Jennifer said, as some of the other housewives looked on and laughed. Andy then asked Jennifer who told her that Melissa does that, but Jennifer wouldn’t reveal her sources.

After fans witnessed earlier this season, Melissa revealed that she and husband Joe Gorga, who already share three children together, were thinking about going through IVF to have a fourth child. But Jennifer now claims that storyline wasn’t genuine. “I feel like you’re making a mockery of people who are really going through it and people who really do IVF,” Jennifer told Melissa, who couldn’t believe that Jennifer would accuse her of faking such a thing.

Jennifer continued, “I think you were absolutely faking that whole thing. I think your career has taken off. A baby would halt your journey right now. It’s a very selfless thing to have a baby. Look how much she would have to give up.”

Andy then asked Teresa Giudice how she felt about Jennifer’s comments about her sister-in-law, and Teresa said, “That’s her opinion. That’s what she thinks of her.” So then Andy asked Teresa if that’s what she thinks, too, and she replied, “No. I don’t think she would be staying at home with the baby now at this point in her life. She would hire help.”

And that wasn’t the only storyline that Melissa was accused of faking — one fan agreed with Jennifer and also accused Melissa of creating “fake stories” for the show, including a “fake restaurant, fake [long-lost] sister, fake pregnancy.” The fan then asked, “What’s real going on in your life?” Melissa replied, “The restaurant was not fake. The guy screwed us over majorly.” As for the long-long sister, Melissa said she really went to the lady that everyone saw on the show, when she was told she might have another sister. “Did we find anyone? No,” Melissa revealed before going back and reclaiming that her IVF process was legit. But Jennifer wasn’t convinced.

*Other tidbits revealed during part one of the RHONJ reunion include:

1. Dolores said she’s “pissed off” that David hasn’t made a commitment with her yet. And until he does, she said she’s not moving into the house they built together.

2. Jackie revealed that her dad now realized what she truly went through with her eating disorder, and doesn’t feel the same way as he felt when he told her that it was all “worth it”.

3. Jennifer can do a pretty good impression of former RHONJ star Siggy Flicker.

Want more drama? The RHONJ reunion continues next Wednesday at 8pm on Bravo.

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