‘RHOSLC’ star Whitney Rose’s craziest beauty treatment was a worm facial

Whitney Rose may be new to Bravo, but she’s not new to testing out the best in skincare and beauty.

When it comes to her skin, the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star, 34, isn’t afraid to try anything, even a “crazy, worm thing” while vacationing in Bali.

“I couldn’t look at it, but I guess it like eats all the dead skin off and I don’t know, that was the craziest thing I’ve ever done with my skin,” she recently told Page Six Style. “It was insane because I thought I was getting just a standard facial and body … And I did the fish thing where you put your feet in and they eat your dead skin off. And that was creepy. And then I couldn’t understand what she said, but it was some sort of living thing on my face! But it was great. I mean, afterward, I felt amazing.”

Rose added that she created her own skincare company, Iris + Beau, despite being a business major with no background in biology or chemistry.

“I had a corporate career, I worked full time and I would work on Iris + Beau at night. I’ve just been a skincare enthusiast and junkie my entire life because I haven’t had the best skin. Living in Utah, it’s so dry and I mean I was using high-end clinical-grade skincare and wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

So I just started playing around and finding out why certain ingredients or products worked for my skin. And I just started developing products with a guy I used to work with 15 years ago. He helped source ingredients for me and connected me to the developers and labs. And we’ve just never given up. I mean, now we have a full skincare line, body products, and it’s amazing.”

She said the company is “finally turning this corner of massive growth” but fans won’t see much of it on the show because the Bravo series is “primarily [about] her family and home life.”

Still, she looks forward to seeing fans’ reactions to her skincare.

“Seeing women glow is like the most satisfying thing for me, because it is a woman-led company,” she said. “You can only cover up with makeup so much so I feel like when we’re comfortable in our own skin, it shows. And I love that.”

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