Roger Taylor on if Freddie Mercury would still be performing with Queen today (EXCLUSIVE)

Freddie Mercury still recorded on deathbed says Roger Taylor

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This year marks an impressive milestone for Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon’s Queen. It’s been 50 years since the latter joined the other three in completing the iconic rock band’s final line-up. However, with Freddie’s passing 30 years ago, and John having retired from the music industry, the anniversary is somewhat bittersweet for Brian and Roger who are still going strong with Adam Lambert to this day.

In an exclusive interview with, we asked Roger Taylor what Freddie would have thought of such a milestone and if he would still be performing with Queen in 2021 had he lived.

The Queen drummer said he likes to think that the singer would still be with the band and have an attitude of “if it’s still working, keep going!”

Roger said: “It would have been fascinating to see, had he lived, what we’d have been up to.

“Whether we’d still be together…I like to think that we would be. We were pretty close as a unit and we never did break up.”

Freddie did release his only solo album in 1985’s Mr Bad Guy, but continued with Queen until his death in 1991.

In that period they had their final tour with 1986’s A Kind of Magic and followed up with albums The Miracle and Innuendo.

While Brian, Roger and John released 1995’s Made in Heaven with posthumous recordings of Freddie.

Reflecting on other rock groups from their era, the Queen drummer told us: “I can’t understand these bands who do break up.”

Roger, who was promoting his new solo album Outsider, continued: “They get to a certain point where egos take over or something and individuals become too big for the band. And that didn’t happen to us.”

Looking back at the classic rock era, the 71-year-old feels Queen were so lucky to have come from “that glorious period with all the best bands.”

He added: “It all came from that fairly short period, from Britain, when he had the best bands in the world.

“We had Led Zeppelin and The Who. Jimi Hendrix was essentially from here although he was American. These were the best bands in my opinion. We seem to be good at that, the UK.”

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The 73-year-old said: “I think like all of us Freddie would have moments of, ‘Oh god, it’s time I quit!’

“But then you can’t. That’s the way we are. You live your life, devoted to music as we have.

“You can hear Freddie’s wry philosophy on things like Was It All Worth It, that track we did.”

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Brian said how Freddie lived one day at a time and had no problem with changing his mind on things.

He said: “I think even if there might have been times where he didn’t feel able to go on, if his health had been okay he’d have come back every time – I really feel that. Because it was his life. Music was utterly and totally Freddie’s life. He lived and breathed it. So he would never have walked away from it for very long.”

The 73-year-old said that was his opinion, pointing out how he and Freddie spent a lot of time together.

But added: “I think Freddie was very aware that Queen was forever. A powerful force and his best vehicle. That’s my feeling.”

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